About Wearing Diamond Sideways Cross Necklaces as a Tribute to Jesus

Do you recognize this photo?

Well, you better do! This is a symbol for the son of God, Jesus, who has been crucified to resolve people from their sinful lives and to give them a renewed hope and chance to live fulfilled and happy, respectful lives.

diamond cross necklace
In short, this necklace, also called a Diamond Cross Necklace or Sideways cross necklace, is becoming more and more popular amongst both Christian and non-Christian communities.

While Christian people (especially women) wear it mostly to express their true faith and love in and for Jesus and God, unfortunately many wanna be Christians and non-believers started to wear these just out of a knack.

This is a real shame, because Christianity is not a toy to be played with by non-respectful outsiders. Christians work hard and do many things, including bringing lots of sacrifices, to live their lives in accordance with the Bible, so they should deserve to be the only ones allowed to wear a Sideways Cross necklace of diamonds.

Anyways, we still support the idea of wearing a diamond cross sideways eckalce, so why don’t you go ahead and check out your options.

Don’t worry, these necklaces don’t cost as much as you would think, even if they are studded with some really high carat gemstones.

The Best Places to Buy Diamond Studded Jesus Sideways Cross Necklaces

In case you’re not familiar with the biggest jewelry sellers online, let us be the first ones to introduce you to this fantastic world:

  1. BlueNile’s Selection
  2. Szul.com Choices
  3. What’s the Meaning of Sideways Cross Necklaces?

So these are the best stores and places to buy these religious jewelry types online. If you want to express your gratitude towards Christianity and your faith, wearing a cross necklace and showing it off to the whole wide world is the best thing you can do.

I highly recommend you follow this practice, because we all know how much wearing the right jewelry can tell about a person.

Wearing Crosses and Necklaces in Your Local Church

So there you go: you buy a diamond studded cross necklace that’s a sideways design… and then what?

Can you just put it around your neck, and go to the next Church meeting as though nothing has changed about you?

Of course you can!

Why should you act like anything is changed when it’s really nobody’s business.

Preventing people from wearing jewelery in Churches that resemble your faith in Christ is nothing to be afraid of.

Women have been surpassed and oppressed for many wears, so it’s time that they finally stop caring about what others think about them and live life the way they want to live it!

So if you’d feel better about yourself and maybe closer to God by wearing a cross pendant, by all means feel free to do it!

Nothing will be able to stop you by Jesus being so close to you at heart!

What’s the Best Eyelash Curler for Christian Women?

Welcome everybody, thanks for coming back for more to http://www.nuvisiongraphx.com.

This is the second or third installment in our “fashion for Christian women’ series. Last time we covered how to wear the perfect hairstyle for your Church meetings to impress the community members, and today we’ll cover a similarly interesting subject.

Why Should Women Wear False Lashes Regardless of their Religious Believes and Faith?

So obviously you’re already familiar with the right way to apply eyelashes that are not natural and why many women do it for following fashion. In case you’re a complete newbie to this topic, here’s a recap video you should watch:

So there you go. Now you understand why so many women wear false lashes.

Now comes the good and the important part:

Why Christian Women Should Wear False Lashes and How to Curl Them the Best Way?

There’s a very clear and simple reason why we believe every Christian women should try wearing artificial eyelashes in their lives to see how much it can improve their appearance: your eyes are the window to your souls.

Isn’t that what the Bible says?

And if your eyes really are the window to your soul, then why should you not try everything you can to present your soul the best way possible?

So instead of just applying your false lashes like many women do, we advise that all Christian women unite and go the extra mile: use the best false eyelash curler in the market to make your falsies look even that much more beautiful.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to give this fashion tip a newer try, we highly recommend you listen to this interview with a famous Christian woman who embraced God and Christianity and still spends a lot of time working in the fashion industry.

We know that you probably don’t want to look like a supermodel because at first glance and according to society that’s not what the Bible teaches women, but come on!

The fact that you have a strong faith and believe in doing good in the world doesn’t meant hat you shouldn’t have the appearance of an angel.

It’s been proven and experimented in many studies that women with better looks can have 500% higher influence on both the opposite and the same sex, so if you want to maximize your chances of doing good in the world, than one of the best ways to achieve this is to go out there, improve your looks, get the best eyelashes and eyelash curler (see our review above) and conquer the hearts of as many people as possible.

Then you can start converting more and more women into Christian fashion believers!

The Best Way to Look Good for God: Wearing Full Lace Wigs

I know, I know… the title may make very little sense to most people at first glance… But please think about it…

Wigs were created by men so that people can disguise their baldness or so that they can have a hair of different color without having to modify their natural hair.

And if you still remember our previous blog-post, we mentioned that we believe God created women so that they can look their best.

From this point forward, it doesn’t take too much logic to complete the puzzle: by wearing wigs (especially the highest quality and most awesome full lace wigs), you’ll make your appearance the best, thus living up to your beauty’s full potential just like God wants every Christian women to do.

Where to Get Full Lace Wigs?

While in the previous article we mentioned a store called God Inspired Fashion, they unfortunately don’t sell wigs. So if you want your hair to be much more amazing then it currently is, I suggest you check out one of the following sites:

In our experience, these are the best places you can turn to when it comes to buying the highest quality full lace wigs.

Will the Christian Community Approve of Your Wearing Wigs?

While this may seem like a tricky question at first, relax. Why would your Christian women friends or male friends care about your wearing a wig?

Heck, these full lace synthetic hairpieces are so high quality that most people won’t even notice you wearing a new hairstyle. They probably don’t care enough about Christian fashion to even notice.

But what if they still notice?

Our advice in these cases is simple: don’t even care about it.

In fact, the worst that can happen is that your Christian friends won’t find it as beautiful and such a good ideas as you do. But that’s NOT important.

What’s important is that you’re doing everything in your power to bring out your most beautiful self so that you become the best faithful woman of your community and church.

Fashionable Wigs for Christian Women

So that’s what our take looks like when it comes to wearing fashionable Christian products.

We are totally besides them, backing them up with all our power.

As we already mentioned several times, we believe that just because a girl is raised with Christian faith, it doesn’t mean that she should stop caring about her looks.

Just look at this Victoria’s Secret model as a role model and example.

Victoria's Secret and Christian FaithSee looks both amazing and like one of the most inspirational faithful Christians in the world.

We think that no one should have any problems with that. Right, guys? ;)

So that’s about our take on fashion for women with faith.

Be sure to check out the links above to find the most amazing full lace wigs for yourself and your local Church community.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post and please click on one of the social sharing buttons to spread the world: Christian women unite!

Christian Women Unite!

Hey there and welcome to the first edition of Christian Women Unite, where we review interesting articles from the world of fashion and show women how to apply it to their daily life.

One of the most important things that we have to tell you right up front is that you should not leave your femininity at the door of a church when you enter.

This is a common misconception about the bible. Many people mistakenly interpret that the Bible says that women should not act flirtatious and wear sexy and attractive clothes to church… or anywhere else for that matter.

But we believe things are different. We believe God created women to look better than men for a reason: so that they display their beauty for the whole world to see.

Obviously, we don’t advocate that women dress up in lingerie when they leave their houses, but we definitely believe that women should learn how to wear more fashionable clothes as Christians, too.

God Inspired Fashion for Women

In fact, there’s a terrific shop online where people can buy God Inspired Fashionable clothes, both for women and men. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first spotted this shop online: this is simply amazing, we highly recommend you buy your clothing from here, since these people will let you dress up in attractive, fashionable clothes, all the while being a good and modest Christian women, too.

There’s even a very interesting graphic we’d like to show you. It shows two christian couples being dressed up in very similar clothes, all the clothes are inspired by fashionable designs based on the teachings of the bible.


Fashion + Christianity Does NOT Equal to a Paradox

So that’s what we believe, but don’t take only our word for it. There are many videos and publications online about Christian, and god-believing people who are also dressed in a very fashionable and stylish way.

Also, many of these people wear extra hair and beauty accessories such as fashion wigs and other jewelry accessorizes just so that they look better.

If these priests can afford to spend money (and money that they get from their honest Christian followers) on fashion and style, why couldn’t you afford the same for yourself?

Follow Our Advice on Dressing Stylish

Anyway, obviously we don’ want to force you to follow our fashion advice for how to dress, this is a decision that everyone has to make for themselves.

However, we would like to open up your eyes to more possibilities than just wearing old, greyish, unisex clothes.

After all, God created two sexes for very good reasons: they are different. So aren’t we supposed to display this difference by also dressing differently?

And if God created men to be strong and women to be beautiful, shouldn’t women do everything in their power to look the best they can?

If you agree, go ahead and check out the God Inspired Fashion site we just linked to above.

If you don’t agree, feel free to let us know your opinion and we may even publish it on this site so that you can see that we really care about our readers’ opinions.